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Most of the content on the site is reasonably easy for people to read and because it is aimed at a youthful audience, it it Download BBC Learning English APK for Android also useful for picking up slang words. Attached to the daily newspaper of the same name, the Toronto Star is one of the most-read news websites in Canada. It is, therefore, a good choice for people focusing on Canadian English, or for those with a particular interest in Canadian affairs, although international news is also featured. Designed by the BBC to introduce a second language at home, MUZZY works with or without parent participation. Using all native speakers, MUZZY surrounds your child with language, and children pick up words and phrases effortlessly.

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s” YouTube channel has 21 million subscribers, probably due to Ellen’s sense of humor. In her many TV seasons, Ellen has interviewed celebrities, newsmakers and ordinary people. If the video includes any pronunciation drills for you to follow along with, complete those as well. Pick out three words or soundsand say them slowly while looking at a mirror. You can pause the video to look at the narrator’s mouth position, and imitate.

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The free demo allows you to explore the skeletal system and connective tissues, while upgrading to the full version for $4.99 unlocks the whole package. This app allows you to elicit evidence of learning or determine background knowledge about a topic. These word clouds are pictures composed of a cloud of smaller words that form a clue to the topic. This interactive learning book teaches kids how to spell the names of 6 animals in the free version, and 9 animals in the farm pack upgrade.

The internet boom has created lot of avenues for learning. People can get lot of ideas on how to improve English communication skills using search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Especially during the lockdown due to Covid-19, online classes and courses became a main source of learning. The BBC World Service has a free website for people who are learning English as a second or foreign language called BBC Learning English. Short stories are also a great resource for English learners because they allow you to work on reading, speaking and listening at the same time.

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Babbel lets you practice new vocabulary and grammar through interactive quizzes, and is somewhat similar to Duolingo below. However, Babbel allows learners a little more flexibility in choosing what they want to focus on each time they log on. You can choose listening and speaking, reading and writing, grammar or even listen to very detailed lessons on pronunciation. The amount of extremist content appearing online is on the increase.

  • Unlike some other news sources, the BBC News app isn’t afraid to offer a bit more fun with its articles, and it also comes with a live-streaming news channel that’s baked directly into the app.
  • You can compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers on TV shows.
  • EnglishClass101 provides hundreds of video and audio podcast lessons, with fun hosts and tons of cultural information.
  • It’s meant to make it easy for educators to plan, test and grade students, ensuring that everyone conforms to the same basic education level.

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